Alchemy Salon - Turning the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary
Here at Alchemy, we strive to do whatever it takes to make each person not only look better when they leave, but feel better.
We have allowed it to guide every decision we have made in this company from our team, to our environment,  to our equipment.  We believe in going the extra mile on our end, so you don’t have to.  Come see for yourself.  Lay in one of our shampoo beds and notice the absence of strain on your neck.  Come sit in our heated, pipe-less massage chairs and be treated to an amazing pedicure while fully relaxing in the knowledge that your nail artist will take absolute care of your nails.  Come have a cut or color consultation with one of our stylists and see how they listen and guide you and take the time to develop a plan just for you and your hair.   Come experience a massage with our highly-trained therapist and see why massages at Alchemy Salon are different than massages anywhere else.  Come experience our facials our Alchimie and Sanitas skin care lines and leave feeling rejuvenated.  
We take great pride in being a Davines salon, offering our clients the best products to support their hair at home.  We offer European color lines that are tonally rich and micro-pigmented, that will infuse the hair with health and shine.  We are also proud to have a one-of-a-kind shampoo bar where you can relax in our shampoo beds while we custom blend a Davines combination that is perfect for your hair. 
"This is why alchemy exists," the boy said. 
"So that everyone will search for his treasure,
find it, and then want to be better than he was...
Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead:
and then lead will have to turn itself into gold. 
 That's what alchemists do.  They show that,
when we strive to become better than we are,
everything around us becomes better,too."
-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
 Our Team:

Tasha Bowers- Salon Coordinator
Dawn Lindsay- Assistant Salon Coordinator
Teresa Palermo- Visionary Stylist
Courtney Cunningham- Visionary Stylist
Robin Rose- Educator: Master Stylist
Brittney Templin- Educator; Master Stylist
Kelly Goodman- Master Stylist
Brittany 'Bee' Sapp- Master Stylist
Whitney Green- Senior Stylist
Destiny Lawson- Educator; Esthetician
Emily Huskey- Esthetician; Lash Specialist
Ashlyn Bowers- Junior Stylist
Alexis Hope- Apprentice
Maria Nicolas- Apprentice, Junior Stylist
Jesse Gilliam- Massage Therapist; advanced certification in Hot Stone Therapy

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